MediaWiki Problem : compile --with-mysql OR install in FreeBSD6.0

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Wed Jan 10 07:39:15 UTC 2007

Helo friends,

1.   I have installed Mysql 5 and media wiki 1.7 in FreeBSD 6.0 version. but 
forgot to install PHP before media wiki installation.

  but while installing mediawiki (through ports collection)  some PHp 
packages its installed automatically.

2 . after the mediawiki installation I used ports collection 
(/usr/ports/lang/php5)  to  install php5 but I haven't selected any options 
from the menu .

after installation of php and modifications in httpd.conf , I pointed my 
browser to my media wiki installation
, I got the mediawiki setup link , but when I clicked the link  its showing 
the error message as follows

    * PHP 5.2.0 installed
      Could not find a suitable database driver!
          o For MySQL, compile PHP using --with-mysql, or install the module
          o For PostgreSQL, compile PHP using --with-pgsql, or install the module

3 .So I returned to /usr/ports/lang/PHP5  and tried make reinstall but its 
showing an error already Php5.2.0 installed  so I can't move further.

4 . the I tried /usr/ports/lang/php5-extensions  (make install clean) and 
selected from the menu Mysql support  & zlib support  and continued its 
completed .. then tried the mediawiki setup link but got another error

                   php-xml support was not ther , so returned to 
/usr/ports/lang/php5  / php5-extensions

but when i have given the make reinstall again  both ports not showing the 
menu frame to select any of the mysql driver or xml support

                       If any body ther who familiar with these , I will be 
very thankfull to you , as this is an urgent requirement  for me

Thanks in Advance

Pls help  me to solve this

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