Dan Nelson dnelson at
Tue Jan 9 16:36:19 UTC 2007

In the last episode (Jan 09), DAve said:
> The developers response, for those who are interested.
> hi Dave,
> 	the initiator for iSCSI will hit stable/current real soon now.
> that was the good news, now for the down side:
> what was missing all along was recovery from network disconnects, so
> while I think I have it almost worked out, I've come across a major
> flow in the iscsi design:
> 	when the targets crashes, and comes back, there is no way
> to tell the client to run an fsck. This is not a problem if the
> client is mounting the iscsi partition read only.
> 	danny

Why should the client need to do an fsck?  From its point of view it
should just look like the target had the iSCSI equivalent of a bus
reset.  It should resend any queued requests and continue.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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