Which version of BIND to use on FreeBSD 6.1?

patrick gibblertron at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 14:47:11 PST 2007

I think I'll rephrase my question. What real advantage is there for me
running BIND 9 over BIND 8? Version 9 seems to require a lot more
memory and is still giving me this really annoying problem of using
all my CPU time when it hits the max_cache_size. I'm not using DNSSEC
or IPV6...


On 1/3/07, patrick <gibblertron at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out which is the best version of BIND to use on
> FreeBSD 6.1? I've always stuck with FreeBSD's base version, and since
> upgrading from FreeBSD 4.x to 6.1, that meant moving from BIND 8.3.x
> to 9.3.2. I've encountered numerous problems since moving to 9.3.2
> which primarily revolve around exponential increases in memory and CPU
> usage.
> On our BIND 8.3.x setup, we have 750 master domains. Memory usage is
> just shy of 70MBs. On our new server with BIND 9.3.2, we have
> currently 140 master domains, and memory usage continually grows until
> FreeBSD cuts it off. I have discovered the "max-cache-size" option
> which allows me set an upper limit, but when the named process hits
> that limit, it starts eating up all available CPU cycles. I've seen
> some similar reports from other users, but haven't found any real
> solutions.
> While browsing the ports tree, I found I have my pick of BIND 8.3.x,
> 8.4.x, and a ports version of 9.3.x (not sure exactly how this differs
> from base -- more current?). Our needs are fairly basic -- we have a
> few DNS servers, and each are masters and slaves, helping one another
> out. We're not using DNSSEC or anything. I'm wondering what other
> people are generally using, and which version works best for them?
> Thanks,
> Patrick

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