FreeBSD Installer vs RedHat Linux Fedora Core Installer?

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Wed Jan 3 12:49:39 PST 2007

I have made a post like this before, so I can hardly criticise you for
that, though my goal was more to try to consolidate a group to work on
the issue.

I'll say this, while the graphics aren't as pretty as those of many
Linux distros, the FreeBSD installer is a lot more user friendly and
workable in 6.x than it was in 5.2 (5.3?) when I had tried it
previously. It may not be a pretty GUI, but it has the functionality
and flexibility, in fact, a bit more than even the GUIs of those I'd
say, and it's not user-unfriendly anymore.

Additionally, it's worth the switch now, simply for the fact that
although the learning curve is a touch higher when things work, it's a
lot lower when fixing things that don't, add to that the fact that
more of the listed "supported" stuff just works without the hassle you
get on Linux, it's well worth the switch.

-Jim Stapleton

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