Marketing & Recruiting Opportunity at UC Berkeley

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Wed Feb 28 04:54:45 UTC 2007


I am writing you today to inform you of an opportunity in which your 
company can share and market its products to college students here at UC 
Berkeley.  I represent the Computer Science and Business Association; we 
are currently planning our annual Technology Exposition, to be held on 
March 15th from 11-4, and were hoping that your company might be 
interested in participating.  Modeled after the Consumer Electronics 
Show in Las Vegas, the Technology Exposition allows small and large 
firms alike to share their latest products, from computers to video 
games, with students and faculty at UC Berkeley.  Last year, several 
thousand visited the event; participants include such notable firms as 
Adobe, Microsoft and Dell. 

The event consists of self-governed booths similar to those found at 
Comdex and the CES.  At your booth, you may display technologies, offer 
promotions, present videos and/or conduct surveys and market research. 
We would like to focus on featuring new consumer products and 
technologies for the university-level target audience. However, we also 
recommend companies to present brochures, placards or presentations on 
relevant topics. Additionally, many firms find it worthwhile to use the 
Technology Exposition as a means of recruiting future employees.

This year's Technology Exposition will be held on Thursday, March 15, 
2007, from 11 am - 4 pm.  Companies will be provided with 2 tables, 
electricity, a parking space, lunch and custodial services.  The 
registration fee for this event is $400; the registration deadline is 
next Wednesday, March 7, 2007.  For each additional parking space and 
company representative beyond two, there will be an added charge of $25 
and $20, respectively.

If your company is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity 
and participating in this year's Technology Exposition, please inform me 
as soon as possible so that I may provide you with the necessary 
paperwork for you to meet the March 7 deadline.  Also, feel free to ask 
me any questions you may have regarding this event, CSBA, etc.  I look 
forward to hearing from you soon.

Matthew Atkins

Technology Exposition Committee
Computer Science and Business Association
University of California, Berkeley

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