Are there ways of limiting user resources when a user process is run via suexec, rathern than via logon?

Brett Davidson brett at
Wed Feb 28 04:01:10 UTC 2007

Obviously I could use the features in logon.conf to partially restrict
user activitity if users actually logged on.
Instead, the app concerned runs under suexec where (as I understand
things) logon, per se, is not involved.
Is there anything in FreeBSD equivalent to Solaris Resouce Manager? ie.
a different share-weighted scheduler for instance?
What I want is that all processes running under either a particular uid
range or a particular gid range could be restricted to a certain amount
of CPU and/or memory. Other systems (such as the Solaris product
mentioned above) do this by implementing a different scheduler that
weights allowed activity according to a set number of "shares" that that
user's "Resource group" have had allocated to them.
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