Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

Mike Barnard mike.barnardq at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 17:23:16 UTC 2007

> I am using the default FreeBSD IMAP server in FreeBSD.  It works great
> with thunderbird, but Outlook is not able to log in even though I have
> Secure Authentication checked.  Any ideas?

one - what POP/IMAP server are you using?
two - some setups will require you to use the FULL email address as the username
three - outlook works well as an IMAP client, but you dont want
something that works
           well....you want something that works PERFECT.
four - log files always help you out....i believe that will be
/var/log/maillog that will help you out...

usually a detail of what you are running on your IMAP server, (IMAP server
software, versiop of FreeBSD.........)

hope that helps


Of course, you might discount this possibility, but remember that one in
a million chances happen 99% of the time.

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