Problem accentued and special character freeBSD 6

Jean Chiappini Jean.Chiappini at
Mon Feb 26 09:46:58 UTC 2007


I have a problem with the accentued and special characters. When I set the
variable environnement with fr_FR.IOS8859-1 or fr_CH.ISO8859-1 or If I set
these charsets in the /etc/cshrc.login. The normal character work great,
but when I try to use an accentued character in my terminal or in my mysql
DB, by example 'é', the character 'a' appear in the place of all accentued
characters... I use the swiss french accentued keyboard in my rc.conf. I
don't need these characters in console, but I need it in my MySQL. I have
also tried to set latin1 and utf-8 charset in my.cnf, but the problem is
the same.

Could someone help me with this strange problem pleae ?




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