Weather update plugin 0.6.0 fails to work

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sun Feb 25 20:09:47 UTC 2007

wanderingidea at wrote:
> Hi,
> Since xfce 4.4 the weather plugin 0.6.0 fails to update weather data.
> Searching the weather location code also fails. Filling in Rotterdam should
> return NLXX0015 but nothing happens.
> So far I cannot find any information on this problem.
> Does anyone has this same problem or any ideas?

Hmm, I've had some problems with this prior to 4.4., but AFAICR none 
since I upgraded last week.  Portupgrade reinstalled XFCE without the 
plugin, so I rebuilt that, too.

IIRC, the problems I did have in the past were related to a malformed 
xml file somewhere under ~/.config/xfce* ....

Are you behind a proxy by any chance?

Kevin Kinsey
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