freebsd-hackers list dead?

Joe Auty joe at
Sun Feb 25 07:59:18 UTC 2007

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On Feb 25, 2007, at 2:46 AM, Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Feb 25), Joe Auty said:
>> Is the absence of the hackers list a known problem/reality at this
>> point?
>> Feb 25 02:23:51 netmusician postfix/smtp[17122]: 14E317E8DB:
>> to=<freebsd-hackers at>, 
>> []:
>> 25, delay=0.91, delays=0.13/0.06/0.51/0.2, dsn=4.7.1, status=deferred
>> (host[] said: 450 4.7.1 <freebsd-
>> hackers at>: Recipient address rejected: Service is
>> unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO command))
> My guess is they're using some sort of greylisting but don't actually
> put that fact in the error message.  Since it's a 4xx-class error,  
> your
> server should retry it and it should get delivered then.

It appears that you are right....

Strange, I've never seen a graylist work this way before... makes  
sense though, and I knew that a 450 meant my message was only  
deferred, but I don't think I've ever gotten a 450 from Questions....

Thanks for your help!

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