How Do I Surf To My Server?

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Mon Feb 19 16:50:10 UTC 2007

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On Feb 19, 2007, at 7:15 AM, Drew Jenkins wrote:

> Right, all at home. I have Pound configured (like on my workhorse),  
> not apache. But how do I determine the IP address of the server?  
> I've never set that up before. What file do I edit?

Can you tell us more about your home set-up?  Presumably you have  
some sort of router doing NAT and DHCP?  Tell us about it.

> All I need is something like this:
> 123.456.78.90:8080/example_site
> so I can look at said site.

If you don't know IP address of your internal server, than chances  
are that it was assigned via DHCP by your router.  For what you want  
to do, you should probably reconfigure the server with a specific  
internal IP address instead of having it assigned.

Assuming that I've guessed correctly about your set-up:
First find out from your router what the the range of the "DHCP pool"  
is.  Look at the DHCP configuration on your router.  Then pick an  
address that is NOT in that range but still part of your local  
network.  Then use sysinstall on your FreeBSD box to give it that IP  

Many of the details depend on details of your set-up which I don't  
know, so it is hard to be more specific.



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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