Duplicate emails on freebsd-questions

Frank Staals frankstaals at gmx.net
Mon Feb 19 10:19:29 UTC 2007

Apatewna wrote:
> As far as I can tell, the problem with duplicate emails resides on how 
> the list software is setup.
> I am a member of another list where each email sent out by the list 
> software is stripped of all CCs and ReplyTOs. There is only a 
> "ReplyTo" address in the form of "questions-list at somedomain.com".
> Now, whenever a subscriber wants to send a new email to the list, all 
> he has to do is add "questions-list at somedomain.com" as a recipient (as 
> usual on all lists). Whenever he wants to reply to some email he 
> received from the list he just uses the "Reply" command in his email 
> program.
> The way it is done on this list is confusing when it comes to reply to 
> mail I received from the list. Almost always I have to use the "Reply 
> to all" command and strip all irrelevant addresses (CCs TOs and 
> ReplyTOs) leaving just the "freebsd-questions at freebsd.org" as a 
> recipient "To". Sometimes in a hurry I forget to delete the 
> aforementioned recipients and the mail appears to be sent multiple 
> times to the subscribers involved. Some other times I recieve email 
> directly, skipping the list, because the other fellow just used the 
> "Reply" button.
> I have never run a mailing list before so that I can strictly suggest 
> proper action, but this is the way I believe thing are running at the 
> moment and it ought to be improved by our suggestions.
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I think it isn't that bad, it's easy for filtering e-mail so you can let 
your mail client hilight the threads in which you have replied.

Just my 2 cents,

-Frank Staals

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