Duplicate emails on freebsd-questions

Apatewna apatewna at yahoo.gr
Mon Feb 19 09:53:36 UTC 2007

As far as I can tell, the problem with duplicate emails resides on how 
the list software is setup.
I am a member of another list where each email sent out by the list 
software is stripped of all CCs and ReplyTOs. There is only a "ReplyTo" 
address in the form of "questions-list at somedomain.com".

Now, whenever a subscriber wants to send a new email to the list, all he 
has to do is add "questions-list at somedomain.com" as a recipient (as 
usual on all lists). Whenever he wants to reply to some email he 
received from the list he just uses the "Reply" command in his email 

The way it is done on this list is confusing when it comes to reply to 
mail I received from the list. Almost always I have to use the "Reply to 
all" command and strip all irrelevant addresses (CCs TOs and ReplyTOs) 
leaving just the "freebsd-questions at freebsd.org" as a recipient "To". 
Sometimes in a hurry I forget to delete the aforementioned recipients 
and the mail appears to be sent multiple times to the subscribers 
involved. Some other times I recieve email directly, skipping the list, 
because the other fellow just used the "Reply" button.

I have never run a mailing list before so that I can strictly suggest 
proper action, but this is the way I believe thing are running at the 
moment and it ought to be improved by our suggestions.

RTFM and STFW before anything bad happens
Thanasis Rizoulis
Electronic Computing Systems Engineer
Larissa, Greece
FreeBSD/PCBSD user

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