Dual boot problems

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Wed Feb 14 02:37:33 UTC 2007

> On 2/13/07, Questions <questions at totaldiver.net> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This weekend I purchased a laptop with a core2duo processor. The laptop
>> came with windows Vista premier. Due to some applications that I
>> require,
>> removing Vista and installing FreeBSD is not an issue. (Please leave the
>> Vista/Microsoft flames at the door)
>> When I install FreeBSD/i386,  I can then install grub (instead of
>> FreeBSD's bootloader) and I can have grub "chainload" the Vista
>> bootloader.  All works fine.
>> However,  when I try FreeBSD/amd64, grub won't compile (it's
>> architecture
>> is forced to i386 only in the Makefile.  I haven't dug into why, but I'm
>> confident there is a reason. Obviously, grub becomes a non-option.  Gag
>> has the same limitation of being i386 only.
> to make sure i understand this correctly, you can install FreeBSD
> (assuming 6.1-RELEASE)/amd64 on your system but am having problems
> compiling grub in this environment from the ports tree?
> it looks like grub may only build correctly on i386 systems, but you
> may be able to define your cpu as a 32bit arch in /etc/make.conf while
> trying to build grub to see if that works.  i've never had to do this
> though, but it's worth a shot.
> -pete
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Thanks for the fast reply, Pete.

It's actually 6.2-RELEASE/amd64, and I have tried compiling grub with the
pentium3, and pentium4 CPUTYPE's in /etc/make.conf, to no avail.   Sadly, 
it seems as though vista has code in the MBR now, that seems to be part of
the bitlocker stuff.  FreeBSD's standard bootloader interferes with it,
causing Vista to give a error message about files being corrupted.
Maybe there is a "simple" (to the MBR guru types) that could be
implemented into the fbsd bootloader.

-Jeff Palmer

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