Dual boot problems

pete wright nomadlogic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 02:08:34 UTC 2007

On 2/13/07, Questions <questions at totaldiver.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> This weekend I purchased a laptop with a core2duo processor. The laptop
> came with windows Vista premier. Due to some applications that I require,
> removing Vista and installing FreeBSD is not an issue. (Please leave the
> Vista/Microsoft flames at the door)
> When I install FreeBSD/i386,  I can then install grub (instead of
> FreeBSD's bootloader) and I can have grub "chainload" the Vista
> bootloader.  All works fine.
> However,  when I try FreeBSD/amd64, grub won't compile (it's architecture
> is forced to i386 only in the Makefile.  I haven't dug into why, but I'm
> confident there is a reason. Obviously, grub becomes a non-option.  Gag
> has the same limitation of being i386 only.

to make sure i understand this correctly, you can install FreeBSD
(assuming 6.1-RELEASE)/amd64 on your system but am having problems
compiling grub in this environment from the ports tree?

it looks like grub may only build correctly on i386 systems, but you
may be able to define your cpu as a 32bit arch in /etc/make.conf while
trying to build grub to see if that works.  i've never had to do this
though, but it's worth a shot.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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