Newbie--new install on Core 2 Duo?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Feb 13 20:01:20 UTC 2007

Gerard writes:

>  It is also a hugh waste of time. Doing the initial system
>  installation, there should be an option at the very least to
>  enable SMP. Installing a system, then having to rebuilt and and
>  reinstall it again if counter productive.
>  The market is moving toward multiple CPUs. The FBSD installation
>  routine should embrace that reality and afford it the proper
>  consideration that it deserves.

	There are a lot of things the system installation process
"should" do.  (See regular and often ... vigorous ... discussions in
various archives.)  When you submit the PR containing the necessary
patches. will you please "cc:" the list?  :-)
	The more I hear on this, the more I become convinced "less is
more"; a liner increase in number of choices usually results in an
exponential increase in complexity (and corresponding failure
	What I could see is a "post-install configuration advisor" -
something that carefully probes the hardware, asks questions about
intended usage, and builds a sample kernel config.  It wouldn't fix
disk partitioning issues, but it might pick up a lot of other

				Robert Huff

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