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Vijay D alerts at
Tue Feb 13 07:03:16 UTC 2007

   Vijay D ([1]vijay.d.india at is a member of
   and wants to know your birthday.
   Vijay D says:
   Hi !!
   I'm inviting you to enter your birthday into my calendar at
   You will help me remember it!
   Click here to enter your birthday into my list:[2] D
   Vijay D
   What is BirthdayTime?
   BirthdayTime is a free birthday/holiday reminder service that notifies
   you about upcoming dates before it is too late!
   Why did I receive this email?
   Vijay D (vijay.d.india at wants to be notified when your
   birthday is near. It's safe, fast, and provides a valuable service!
   I don't know who Vijay D is!
   It's possible that you were included in someone's birthday request
   because you appear in his/her email contact list.
   This email was sent by Vijay D ([3]vijay.d.india at
   To stop receiving emails from birthdaytime, please click here:
   BirthdayTime's offices are located at 2202 S.Figueroa St, Los Angeles,
   CA 90007.


   1. mailto:vijay.d.india at
   3. mailto:vijay.d.india at

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