Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Sun Feb 11 03:43:24 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re: Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?
> Maybe that's an option for you, but I'm looking at spending a minimum of
> another $60 every month to my ISP if I want those services.  I haven't
> been sufficiently impressed to feel that they warrant that extra fee.

Maybe they haven't significantly impressed you because you bought the
cheap service?

Hell - $60 compared to a colo feel of $50?  (the cheapest I've seen
someone post here)  In other words, you have a choice between
actually having the physical box right there, vs having it 1000 miles
away, and your in a -learning- situation?  And your going to cut off your
nose to spite your face just because of some issue with your ISP?
What are they currently doing to you to warrant that?

Without knowing your connectivity and how good/reliable/bad it is it's
difficult to make a judgement call.  But, I can say from experience that
there isn't any -TECHNICAL- reason that cheaper DSL or cable
connectivity can't be made as reliable as, say, a T1.

There's not many places in the United
States that you can't find multiple competing broadband providers.  It's
a lot different overseas, but here in the US if you don't like your ISP
usually another one around the corner.


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