Portsnap and port versions

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Sat Feb 10 12:32:31 UTC 2007

Robert Inder wrote:

> This morning, I tried "portsnap fetch" and "portsnap upgrade"...
>    Looking up portsnap.FreeBSD.org mirrors... 2 mirrors found.
>    Fetching snapshot tag from portsnap1.FreeBSD.org... done.
> But although it reported 3 metadata patches and 91 patches, it didn't
> change the "portupgrade" port: it is still

Is your ports INDEX file up to date?  I believe portsnap should provide
you with an updated INDEX automatically, or you can use 'make fetchindex'
to grab something recently built or (blowing my own trumpet here) there's
the ports-mgmt/p5-FreeBSD-Portindex port if you'ld like to build your own.

To see if your index is out of date, compare the output of:

    cd /usr/ports
    make search name=portindex


   cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade
   make -V PKGNAME 

The latst version (as of this morning) is portupgrade-2.2.2_4,2

Also note that the bug you encountered with portupgrade saying:
"missing key: categories: Cannot read the portsdb!" was compounded by
moving the portupgrade port from sysutils/portupgrade to
ports-mgmt/portupgrade.  That has caused some confusion to various
tools.  The fix is fairly simple:

    # pkgdb -F
    # pkg_delete portupgrade-\*
    # cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade
    # make install

Then use portupgrade as usual to upgrade whatever else you want to.



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