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Joe Vender said the following on 10.02.2007 05:13:
> Does the KDE version (3.5.4) that is installed from the packages list on the 
> FreeBSD 6.2 installation CD include support for HAL? I installed KDE from the 
> CD set and I've included the options in rc.conf to enable dbus, polkitd and 
> hald and the daemons start during bootup according to the messages, but when 
> I open the Advanced tab under Storage Media in the KDE control center, two of 
> the options are grayed out and not selectable. They are:
> "Enable HAL backend (no support for HAL on this system)"
> "Enable CD polling (no support for CD polling on this system)"
> What must I do to get them enabled?

I have KDE 3.5 with HAL backend support, installed from ports on
6.2-STABLE, but this options are grayed too.
HAL works good.
Maybe this options simply obsoleted.

By default in ports, HAL is off for kdebase.
I have assume, that precompiled version of KDE on CD use this default
behavior. But this is my assumption only.

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