FreeBSD 6.2 & HAL

Joe Vender jvender at
Sat Feb 10 03:32:04 UTC 2007

Does the KDE version (3.5.4) that is installed from the packages list on the 
FreeBSD 6.2 installation CD include support for HAL? I installed KDE from the 
CD set and I've included the options in rc.conf to enable dbus, polkitd and 
hald and the daemons start during bootup according to the messages, but when 
I open the Advanced tab under Storage Media in the KDE control center, two of 
the options are grayed out and not selectable. They are:
"Enable HAL backend (no support for HAL on this system)"
"Enable CD polling (no support for CD polling on this system)"

What must I do to get them enabled?


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