/tmp getting full form portmanager

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Thu Feb 8 01:19:04 UTC 2007

On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 03:43:15PM -0800, Noah wrote:

> Hi there,
> /tmp is filling from portmanager is placing .db information and build 
> details during its run.
> what options to I have to alleviate the troubles this creates?

Well, you could move /tmp to a bigger space.   
I think it is normally better to keep /tmp in its own partition.
But, if you are running out of space and it is not reasonable to
rebuild for now, then, if you have a large file system such as
a /home or /scratch or whatever, make a directory there and move
the /tmp stuff for now and make a symlink for it.   

Then, when you have the opportunity, rethink your partitioning
and redo it.    I tend to create my desktop with 512 MB /tmp and
serious working systems sometimes with a little more.


> Cheers,
> Noah
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