FreeBSD6.2 DIY wireless AP?

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Fri Feb 2 20:05:58 UTC 2007

Dear mailing list,

One of the many ideas, inspired by FreeBSD, that passed through my head 
is the one about making my own wireless access point using an old 
computer with FreeBSD and a wireless nic.

First question, will a Fujitsu USB D1075 wireless nic work for this purpose?

Second question, any pointers to how to make this small project happen 
would be appreciated. I've googled and found some but I like to read up 
on different ideas before I decide where to go. I would prefer to use 
ipfilter since I've been using that beast for quite some years now, but 
I might as well take a closer look at pf if recommended enough.

Thanks in advance!

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