I installed FreeBSD, but managed to completely fail at getting the man pages installed.

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 11:53:17 PST 2007

Thanks. I feel stupid now (through my own stupidity and not the fault
of anyone here but me).

I should have looked at that before. I have always done a minimal
install of FreeBSD (well, for 6.1 and 6.2, didn't use FreeBSD before
that), and have not had any problems getting the man pages before. Is
this new, or is my memory going/gone?


On Dec 31, 2007 9:55 AM, Bill Moran <wmoran at potentialtech.com> wrote:
> In response to "Jim Stapleton" <stapleton.41 at gmail.com>:
> > None of the default man pages were installed on my system when I
> > installed FreeBSD recently. I figured I forgot some part of the
> > install (accidentally forgot to click something). Does anyone know how
> > I can trivially obtain the base install's man pages?
> Boot up the system and log in as root.  Then run sysinstall.  Select
> Custom -> Distributions -> Custom.  From there you can select the
> man distribution.  Then OK your way back until sysinstall actually
> installs the man pages.
> I expect you selected a "minimal" install when you installed, which
> doesn't include man pages.
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> Bill Moran
> http://www.potentialtech.com

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