BIND9 won't start

Jonathan McKeown jonathan+freebsd-questions at
Sun Dec 23 21:37:02 PST 2007

On Monday 24 December 2007 02:15, Jonathan Horne wrote:

> otherwise, there is always 'forcestart' intead of 'start'.

and Darren Spruell wrote:

> You can get around the need to activate the variable by 
> prefixing your commands with the 'force' keyword (e.g.
> /etc/rc.d/named forcestart, etc.) 

To start a service which isn't enabled in rc.conf, it's better to use


From the rc.subr(8) manpage:

    force  Skip the checks for rcvar being set to ``YES'', and
           sets rc_force=YES.  This ignores argument_precmd
           returning non-zero, and ignores any of the required_*
           tests failing, and always returns a zero exit status.

    one    Skip the checks for rcvar being set to ``YES'', but
           performs all the other prerequisite tests.


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