How to install with journaled /?

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Sat Dec 22 02:25:56 PST 2007


my problem is that I cannot really turn on gjournal for existing 
filesystems, just only if the journal is placed onto another partition. 
So, how can I make a journaled root filesystem? I have to do the 
partitioning manually, since sysinstall does not support that. But how 
can I do that easily? The livefs CD does not work, there is no gjournal 
utility there. I'd give FreeSBIE or Frenzy a try, but their existing 
releases are based on 6.2, not 7.0, thus no gjournal there. Do you have 
any ideas? How did you solve such a problem?

Thanks in advance,

Gabor Kovesdan
FreeBSD Volunteer

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