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> Hi all,
>     I need to know how to migrate a HD from my actual Server to another recently made up. This HD has the base operating system and i want to move up it to the other server but surely it'll carry up a kernel panic error :s 
> does Anybody know how to do it?

Hola Gastón,

FBsd isn't windows - go ahead and do it - if u can get the new HD and hook it up to the old box,  go into single user mode , partition the new disk as you wish, mount each partition at a time and transfer the data. 

to transfer the data, you can use dump and restore , or tar (with the proper bunch of switches)...I personally use 
rsync --progress --recursive -x --delete /orig/ /dest

but the others should work just fine.

don't forget to run the boot0cfg against the new drive's / partition. (or just take the disk as is to the new server, boot from an install CD, go into rescue mode and do it from there, to be 100% sure there is no mixup with the older box...but you shouldn't have to).

Bill M's answer is spot on - make sure your current kernel supports all your hardware, and that fstab and bootloader are pointing ,in the new drive (after you've copied all the data), to the right devices in the new machine. 

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