Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun Dec 16 09:22:37 PST 2007

Gaston Rey <gastonlrey at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I need to know how to migrate a HD from my actual Server to another
> recently made up. This HD has the base operating system and i want to
> move up it to the other server but surely it'll carry up a kernel panic
> error :s 

Please wrap your lines at about 72 characters.

I've no experience with kernel panics as a result of this.  If you run a
generic kernel, it's as likely to understand that hardware as an install
image is.

> does Anybody know how to do it?

Biggest problem I've hit is when controllers move the drive around on the
chain (i.e. ad0 is ad2 on the new hardware).  In that case you have to fix
the boot loader and /etc/fstab.

If you have more difficulty than that, I'd be curious to hear about it,
as it'd be news to me.

Bill Moran

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