[snd_emu10k1] SB Audigy 3D sound in default ?

Jan Sebosik sebosik at demax.sk
Sat Dec 15 18:23:24 PST 2007


I`m using Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 1 card within FreeBSD RELENG-7. 
When I hear to music from web radio, or watch some movie, sound from 
Audigy card sounds like 3D or something like this on headphones.

When I tried my Realtek ALC888 on-board codec with snd_hda, sound in 
headphone was allright - classical flat stereo.

Is there any way how to force audigy to play in stereo mode ? Or turn 
off those 3D effects ?

Best regards

Jan Sebosik, Slovakia
sebosik at demax.sk

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