Panic on boot

jekillen jekillen at
Sat Dec 15 17:20:07 PST 2007

I have had an AMD64 754 system that I have 64 bit SCSI card and
two 15k rpm SCSI drives. It has been running fine with FreeBSD v 6.0
for about two years now. I have several things I wanted to change
and reconfigure, software wise, and hardware wise. The first was a new
case which I got today. I shut down the system, put everything in the 
case and booted. It booted without any complaint. I got the V6.2 install
cd and put it in. The system froze during boot process after an entry
for mpt 0. I turned off the power and tried rebooting into the install 
This time it made  it to sysinstall and went through slice and 
and was in the process of installing the base system and it froze again,
no error messaged to console.  I rebooted and started again. The second
time I got all the way through the install process.

Now on reboot the system is panicking just after the line
mtp0 hidden device members(6)
The error is:
Fatal Trap 12 (the screen does not persist
long enough to transcribe it all.)
Three tries, the same thing in the same place in the boot

does this mean the scsi drives or card is  going bad? (I nope not)
the card is LSI Logic 64 bit card (installed in a standard PCI slot but
has been working with an inch of the card hanging off the end
of the slot. I only have one internal bus  available this way, but that 
all I need.
Thanks in advance for info
Jeff K
(chewing my fingernails)

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