Suggestions please for what POP or IMAP servers to use

Gerard gerard at
Sat Dec 15 03:44:15 PST 2007

> On December 14, 2007 at 11:25PM Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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> It is dangerous to put any webmail application on a mailserver
> for a couple reasons.  First it is possible for users of the
> app (assuming the app has the ability to save mail) to overflow
> directories on the mailserver.  However more seriously, any
> www application is always subject to security issues - a hole in
> the application, even if the apache version your using is secure -
> allows spammers to relay through your mailserver.  Mailservers are
> of course, the most desired of spam relays.

If you are using Postfix, placing the following in the '' file can
significantly reduce the potential regarding relaying from Apache. Of course,
insure that the group is correct.

    authorized_submit_users = !www, static:all


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