How to configure FreeBSD machine as a bridged router?

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> Subject: How to configure FreeBSD machine as a bridged router?
> Hello,
> I have 2 nic cards in my machine and I want to place this machine
> between my internet connection and my router without it looking like
> another router between the 2 networks (internet  and my network). I
> want to connect the internet line in the first nic card and the line
> to my network in the second nic card as if it were a 1 port router in
> bridge mode that has 1 line with the internet and the second line that
> goes to my network. Is a setup like this possible with FreeBSD?
> The reason why I'm asking is because I want to configure this machine
> with the net.inet.tcp.inflight options and see if it boosts up data
> transfer speeds without changing my network configuration, just adding
> this device in front of it.

It won't.  The extra fancy go-fast options in the TCP protocol
are negotiated between sender and receiver.  In any case, even if
the router could do anything, by definition a bridged device, which
is what your talking about here - is a layer 2 only device and cannot
modify the packets in any way.

If you would be willing to tell us exactly what your Internet
connection is, what hardware/software devices it consists of,
and what speeds it is supposed to be and what speeds your seeing,
we could give you some advice that might help you out.

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