Suggestions please for what POP or IMAP servers to use

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> Andrew Falanga wrote:
> > sounds like everyone is sold on dovecot.  Great!.  I've a few
> questions. ....
> > anyone explain to me what problems they have with mail clients
> attaching?
> > See .  This shows some
> interesting problems
> The developer is very adamant about writing dovecot strictly to
> the letter of the IMAP specification.  He's also discovered many
> of the popular clients have bugs, and are unable to work (or at
> least have issues) with an IMAP server that goes purely by the rules.
> He refused to "break" his software to work around bugs on the
> client side, but ultimately compromised by writing in
> work-arounds that you can enable in the config file.  You can
> enable them all if you like.

Which is a really dumb attitude since the dovecot developer was
not the author of the IMAP standard and probably was in diapers
when the standard was first written:

And in addition, who can use a server that no client can connect to?

So there are a lot of mail clients that have IMAP bugs.  So what?
What is important?  Users being able to manipulate mail on the
server with their client of choice, or a server that is almost
impossible to connect to?

Consider also that the majority of webinterfaces to mailservers
are written using the uw-c-client imap libraries.  So you go ahead
and install dovecot - then watch when you install a webinterface
the port manager sucking in the uw imap stuff anyway.  Might as
well run the uw imap server if your going to run the uw libraries.

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