Suggestions please for what POP or IMAP servers to use

Rob bitabyss at
Thu Dec 13 11:41:37 PST 2007

Andrew Falanga wrote:
> sounds like everyone is sold on dovecot.  Great!.  I've a few questions. ....
> anyone explain to me what problems they have with mail clients attaching?
> See .  This shows some interesting problems

The developer is very adamant about writing dovecot strictly to the letter of the IMAP specification.  He's also discovered many of the popular clients have bugs, and are unable to work (or at least have issues) with an IMAP server that goes purely by the rules.

He refused to "break" his software to work around bugs on the client side, but ultimately compromised by writing in work-arounds that you can enable in the config file.  You can enable them all if you like.  


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