Problem with NAT/RDR in PF

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Dec 10 23:15:41 PST 2007

Michael Smith wrote:

>> I simply let my register transfer the zone file daily, works fine.  
>> If you need to update the zone file regularly just reduce the max  
>> age of the zone.
> Hello Erik:
> Well, aside from doing a *lot* of queries, it's nice to have a single  
> IP address fronting a set of servers so I can pull one out for  
> maintenance at any time and it doesn't affect name resolution for the  
> clients.

Well, if you search google for "pf round robin load balance" you will
find this first:

There is an example of how to do just what you want, although they use a
web server in the example.

Cheers, Erik

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