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Jimmie James jimmiejaz at
Sun Dec 9 20:30:14 PST 2007

Chris said:

>I tried youtube-dl but every url I tried gave
>youtube-dl: No match.
>youtube-dl: No match.

I'm sure someone else is going to jump in saying to qoute the URL, but 
and even easier way is to grab the string after watch?v=  in your example :
[23:29:22]  jimmie at fortytwo <104> [0] ~>youtube-dl gpIM3nBR2ZA
Retrieving video webpage... done.
Extracting URL "t" parameter... done.
Requesting video file... done.Video data found at
Retrieving video data:   7.8% (   1.59M of 20.41M) at  159.43k/s ETA 02:00

It's a little be easier, IMHO.

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