DVD's and FreeBSD

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Mon Dec 10 12:26:17 PST 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 04:05:23PM -0700, Predrag Punosevac wrote:
>> Gary Kline wrote:
>>> 	Update:
>>> 	Well, totem chokes when trying to play a DVD,
>> Totem is not good DVD player and that has to do nothing with the 
>> FreeBSD, OpenBSD or whatever Linux you want to use. You may read
>> here why is so difficult to use DVDs 
>> http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html
> 	I will see why totem just-works {TM} with Ubuntu.  While here it
> 	is missing plugin, etc......
>> Ogle is by far the best DVD player but VLC and MPlayer are able to play 
>> stunning number of different proprietary and non-proprietary video and 
>> audio formats.

I know that comment about ogle certainly used to be correct. but I think 
that may possibly be dated information.  My FreeBSD machine is pretty 
new, squeaky-clean, and all of the following dvd players (ones which I 
have tried so far, doesn't mean they're the only ones either) work just 
great: vlc, xine, ogle.  Even though kmplayer works, I found it's 
interface (which uses mplayer and xine as backends) ssmed a little clunky.

Anyhow, it might be time for taking another looksee.  All 3 of those 
)vlc, ogle, xine) were really sharp and easy to use, good 5.1 audio 
using my optically connected sound system.

> 	I've never  used vlc for DVD; nor ogle; am building.
>>> but kmplayer works
>>> 	--altho with fewer control flow options.  And after compiling
>>> 	in "device atapicam" into my KERNCONF, k3b still chokes.   
>> K3b works fine or I should say as good as on any of major Linux 
>> distribution. Something is wrong with your configuration.
>> Read very carefully
>> $ make showinfo /usr/ports/sysutils/k3b
> 	Well, y'gotta cd to the k3b directory, but no prob; that I
> 	remembered from before.  I lpr'd it.   It's clearly written
> 	by one of us ( a fellow geek).
> 	I may have some followups.  I've been reading and re-reading 
> 	and re-re-reading the info page.
>>> So.
>>> 	For "toys", Linux; for superior [unbeatable] stability, FreeBSD
>>> 	is still first rate.
>>> 	gary
>> Depends what you mean by playing. Some people use Flash or Java for work 
>> and FreeBSD is definitely not for them.
>> For me personally works boot as a professional tool and as life-stile 
>> OS. But then it doesn't work for my mother in law and probably
>> it doesn't work for 99% of other casual computer users.
> 	You're right; I shouldn't have been so dismissive about burning
> 	a CD or DVD.  (i'Ve created some data CD's for friends.)
> 	vlc-devel is still building.  Hopefully more will be working 
> 	after my reboot.
> 	gary
>> Cheers,
>> Predrag

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