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Anish Mistry amistry at
Fri Dec 7 21:57:06 PST 2007

On Saturday 08 December 2007, caldari_halo wrote:
> Anish Mistry wrote:
> > On Friday 07 December 2007, Robert Huff wrote:
> >> Predrag Punosevac writes:
> >>>  > 	I've got it installed, see the post-install configuration
> >>>  > message, and have questions about how it will interact with
> >>>  > existing printers.
> >>>
> >>>  You might want to repeat your message as attachments are
> >>> stripped by the FreeBSD mail server.
> >>
> >> 	Didn't send an attachment.
> >> 	Here's the scenario:
> >> 	Computer in question is runnong -CURRENT and already has CUPS
> >> installed for the (parallel attached) LaserJet 6mp.
> >> 	I now have access to a PSC 7xx, which I would like to use 0<x<1
> >> % for color printing and the rest for scanning.  As far as i can
> >> tell sane by itself does not have the ability to do this, but it
> >> concert with HPLIP it does.
> >> 	First question: is this correct?  Not just connect to the PSC,
> >> but use both devices at once>  If not, then I just abort the
> >> whole plan.
> >> 	After seeing the post-installation message for HPLIP, I wat to
> >> understand what I'm doing before messing with devfs. 
> >> (Revuilding the kernel is no biggie, though I don't think
> >> that'll be necessary.) And, frankly, configuring CUPS is usually
> >> as pleasant as aggrssive dysentery.
> >
> > You should be fine since your other printer is a parallel port
> > printer.  The HPLIP port doesn't configure parallel port printers
> > so just use the normal CUPS configuration.  There are some issues
> > with the PSC printers and getting attached as umass devices. 
> > Search the archives for more info.  Basically a real solution for
> > the umass issue won't appear until the HPS USB stack grows
> > "generic device access for already claimed usb devices" support
> > sometime next year.
> I've read the last couple of replies, and they have been sort of
> discouraging. I have a HP PSC 1610, which mounts itself as a umass
> device, instead of ugen. Its connected via USB (instead of
> parallel, in the other guys case). I recompiled the kernel (using
> 6.2 here) without ulpt support, just like Daniel Steinbrook's howto
> said. I
> installed/configured cups and hpijs (donot need hplip) as well. Are
> you saying that I'm at a dead end as far as getting my printer to
> work under FBSD?
Like a said to Robert, it should be pretty simple to tweak the umass 
driver to not attach as umass for your printer.  All you should need 
is in umass_match_proto is an if() statement that checks for you 
printer ID and then returns UMATCH_NONE

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