DVD's and FreeBSD

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at math.arizona.edu
Fri Dec 7 15:06:22 PST 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Update:
> 	Well, totem chokes when trying to play a DVD,
Totem is not good DVD player and that has to do nothing with the 
FreeBSD, OpenBSD or whatever Linux you want to use. You may read
here why is so difficult to use DVDs 

Ogle is by far the best DVD player but VLC and MPlayer are able to play 
stunning number of different proprietary and non-proprietary video and 
audio formats.

>  but kmplayer works
> 	--altho with fewer control flow options.  And after compiling
> 	in "device atapicam" into my KERNCONF, k3b still chokes.   
K3b works fine or I should say as good as on any of major Linux 
distribution. Something is wrong with your configuration.
Read very carefully

$ make showinfo /usr/ports/sysutils/k3b

> So.
> 	For "toys", Linux; for superior [unbeatable] stability, FreeBSD
> 	is still first rate.
> 	gary
Depends what you mean by playing. Some people use Flash or Java for work 
and FreeBSD is definitely not for them.
For me personally works boot as a professional tool and as life-stile 
OS. But then it doesn't work for my mother in law and probably
it doesn't work for 99% of other casual computer users.


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