Freebsd filesystem ( hard reboot )

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Dec 6 11:09:57 PST 2007

Randy Ramsdell wrote:

> I think I will just set the rc.conf variable to answer "Y" to fsck 
> questions unless there is a better way.
> A side note, this system has been hard shutdown two times and each time 
> required intervention. We also use several Linux system ( reiserfs and 
> ext3 ) and raely do I have to interact with the systems on reboot. There 
> is a differnce and I am in the fisrt stages trying to understand this.

Might want to be careful with the always answering "Y" thing, 
though...or at least make sure you have periodic backups ready to go in 
case the repair further loses data in the process.

Is there an area that seems to be needing repairs in particular?  Maybe 
you could find a way to move it to another drive so the system will come 
up more reliably and then other processes can remotely check the 
unmountable drive and remount it and start your process monitoring.

> PS. I am confused about why so many people are replying to the list and 
> my personal e-mail. This one was sent to me only. Others were sent to me 
> and the list. Actually, every other reply. Is this normal for the list 
> as I am new as of today?

If looks like if you hit reply all, both addresses are inserted (the 
list isn't stripping the personal one out).  Unless the replier removes 
the personal address or the reply function on their mail client is only 
using a primary address (of the list) to send to, you'll get replies on 
both...depending on the issue some people prefer getting a response 
personally faster than waiting for the list to send it if for some 
reason it's bogging down :-)

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