Can't mount NTFS

Ghirai ghirai at
Wed Dec 5 10:09:31 PST 2007

Hello list,

I'm running 6.2-RELEASE-p9, 32bit, and dual-boot XP for quite some time.

Yesterday mounting my NTFS partition wouldn't work.

I have 2 partitions on xp, C and D, which are ad12s1 and ad12s2.

I can mount ad12s1 fine, but the other one doesn't work (it was fine couple days ago):

deimos# mount_ntfs /dev/ad12s2 /mnt/win
mount_ntfs: /dev/ad12s2: Invalid argument

Searching around led me to this site:

Where they say:

"If the attempt to mount NTFS gives you an error like this:

     # mount -t ntfs /dev/wd0k /mnt
     mount_ntfs: /dev/wd0k on /mnt: Invalid argument

     make sure that appropriate partition has correct entry in the disk label,
     particularly that the partition offset is correct.  If the NTFS partition
     is the first partition on the disk, the offset should be '63' on i386
     (see disklabel(8)).  mbrlabel(8) could help you to set up the disk label

That doesn't help me much though.

fdisk says it does indeed start at offset 63.

Any ideas?



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