Confusion about installing X and release upgrading?

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Mon Dec 3 17:39:34 PST 2007

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> Zachary Kline wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I'm currently using FreeBSD 6.2 release with security patches from 
>> Releng6-2.  This is in a Qemu virtual machine, if only because I don't 
>> know of any other system which will let me redirect the serial port over 
>> a Telnet session.
>>     All that being said, I am slightly confused by the stuff I've read on 
>> the FreeBSD release process.  I know that 7.0 is due to come out soon, if 
>> it isn't out already.  Am I correct in taking from what I've read that 
>> 6.2 will continue to be supported for a while yet?
> 7.0 is at BETA3 right now, and 7.0-RELEASE is expected to be an
> early Christmas present.
> 6.2 support is slated to end in late spring, IIRC, but since there will
> be at least one more 6.X release, you should be able to run a 6.X variety
> and expected to be supported through most of next year (see the Release
> Engineering team's page and the Security Team's page for more details;
> SecTeam should have a general EOL policy statement for number of months
> after a RELEASE, etc.)
>>     Also, about installing X.  I've had an interest in trying to see how 
>> well Gnome and Orca perform in FreeBSD.  Is there a cannonical way to 
>> install X and Gnome?  I've heard from monitoring this mailing list that 
>> the x11/xorg metaport isn't particularly favored.  Would I need a 
>> complete X installation for Ghome anyway?
>> Thanks in advance for any advice.
>> All the best,
>> Zack.
> The Right Way (tm):
> 1.  Update your ports tree.
> 2.  As root, do this:
> # cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome2
> # make install clean
    This will fetch in the Xorg dependencies as well, I presume?

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