Confusion about installing X and release upgrading?

Zachary Kline Z_kline at
Mon Dec 3 14:12:59 PST 2007

    I'm currently using FreeBSD 6.2 release with security patches from 
Releng6-2.  This is in a Qemu virtual machine, if only because I don't know 
of any other system which will let me redirect the serial port over a Telnet 
    All that being said, I am slightly confused by the stuff I've read on 
the FreeBSD release process.  I know that 7.0 is due to come out soon, if it 
isn't out already.  Am I correct in taking from what I've read that 6.2 will 
continue to be supported for a while yet?
    Also, about installing X.  I've had an interest in trying to see how 
well Gnome and Orca perform in FreeBSD.  Is there a cannonical way to 
install X and Gnome?  I've heard from monitoring this mailing list that the 
x11/xorg metaport isn't particularly favored.  Would I need a complete X 
installation for Ghome anyway?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
All the best,

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