System Reboots with Bittorrent Use

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Sat Dec 1 11:06:00 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 11:53:52AM -0600, ruggeri at wrote:
> Hi!  I have had this problem before, so let me narrate the
> history (quickly).
> I used to use the rtorrent port.  However, when running
> rtorrent (never any other time) the system would spontaneously
> reboot.  I couldn't figure out what exactly the problem was,
> but when I switched to deluge (another bittorrent port) the
> problem seemed to go away.
> I have since reformatted my computer.  I began using deluge
> again a couple weeks ago, but am again experiencing
> spontaneous reboots, now when using deluge (I don't have
> rtorrent installed).  I don't get any message in
> /var/logs/messages (is there a way to make the computer log
> more?  Are there other logs I should check?).  In general the
> file system needs to be cleaned after the reboot.

There's a bug in the kernel with 6-STABLE with Bittorrent clients that
use multiple threads. This includes the latest deluge and azureus
ports. I've filed a PR for this:

but it's been getting no love from the developers. You could try
poking freebsd-stable@ for help.

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