FreeBSD7 - PAE and nVidia

David Naylor blackdragon at
Sat Dec 1 08:19:39 PST 2007

Thanks for the info.  Also from what I can see PAE does not support
USB.  The reason why I am using i386 is because I'm not going to
sacrifice my gaming :-) which means nvidia.



p.s. I'm volunteering to do any testing for an amd64 version of the
nvidia driver...

On 01/12/2007, Pieter de Goeje <pieter at> wrote:
> On Saturday 01 December 2007, David Naylor wrote:
> > I have googled, looked though the mailing archives and the FreeBSD
> > Handbook but I have not found out how to build a PAE FreeBSD kernel
> > with nVidia graphics drivers included.  This is for an Asus P5N-E
> > system with 4GB of RAM and SLI graphics cards.
> PAE is not supported by the nvidia driver. I quote from
> "Note that this driver does not support PAE-enabled kernels."
> - Pieter de Goeje

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