misc question #2:: howto stream .RAM/realplay via "kmplayer"??

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Sat Apr 28 22:33:32 UTC 2007

On Saturday 28 April 2007 21:57:21 Gary Kline wrote:
> 	I'm still building my backup DNS server on my remaining Kayak
> 	playing with various window managers (aka "desktops"). Stuck.
> 	To any browser/media/audio wizards out there in freebsd-land:
> 	A few weeks ago (after failing with both mozilla and firefox)
> 	I tried the KDE broswer to stream video.  And after several
> 	tries, got kmplayer working with Konqueror.  It streams windows
> 	video and better yet, streams windows audio (using the Mplayer
> 	backend).  But there are some NPR/PBS webcasts only in
> 	real-audio.  After a few hours of poking around the web and
> 	trying to reconfigure Konqueror I-give-up.
> 	I've reached the "File Association" -> "Audio" and to
> 	"x-pn-realplay" {or something like that}, then I'm wedged.
> 	Is there an honest textfile I can use to associate [.ra, .rm,
> 	.ram] with /usr/X11R6/bin/realplay????
> 	thanks for any help!
> 	gary

First, you need to confirm that you can play Real in kmplayer. You must have 
the win32 codecs. Fast forward and such in a Real stream will be a bitch. But 
it plays. Then you want to go through the mime types in konqueror's config 
and set kmplayer to the first app to play such types with. And for embedding 
(the other tab) set the kmplayer_part or whatsitcalled as the first or only.

Mime types would include/have: vn-realmedia, rm, ra, ram, rv, smil, 
vn-realaudio vn-realvideo, x-pn-realaudio, and several other older ones. If 
you don't find them all at first you'll find them when encountering a oddly 
mime-ified stream that wont play.

There's another way to have Real with konqueror, and that is with the plugin 
that comes with the realplayer port. It may have poor layout in the webpage 
but at least it does support moving back and forth in the stream. To make 
this work you use the linuxpluginwrapper port and an appropriate libmap.conf.

Both work reasonably well, or equally bad depending on the tilting of the 
earth and the humidity on the moon :) I usually prefer kmplayer because it 
can be used as a general a/v plugin replacement in konqueror and if something 
with Real doesn't work I can always try to "Open with.." realplayer instead.



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