Thunderbird 2.0 dumps core on second file open op

Karol Kwiatkowski karol.kwiat at
Fri Apr 27 16:19:42 UTC 2007

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Howard Goldstein wrote:
> Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:
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>> Howard Goldstein wrote:
>>> Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:
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>>>> Howard Goldstein wrote:
>>>>> youshi10 at wrote:
>>>>>> Could everyone affected by this issue document a few more steps of
>>>>>> what they do to cause Thunderbird to coredump, please?
>>>>> 1. start thunderbird
>>>>> 2. ^M or click on the write message label
>>>>> 3. attach any file
>>>>> 4. send an email to self, garbage or empty message, take the default
>>>>> subject or change it to garbage.
>>>>> 5. ^M to compose another message
>>>>> 6. at any point from this point on , attaching a file will coredump
>>>> If this helps I don't see the problem here (thunderbird-, all
>>>> ports up to date). Details below.
>>> Do you by chance have openldap23-client installed?
>> Yes, I have:
>> # pkg_info -Ix openldap
>> openldap-client-2.3.35 Open source LDAP client implementation
>>> Yesterday I
>>> promised to rebuild with the default make.conf CFLAGS but in the interim
>>> gnome2 was installed which comes with openldap23-client apparently, and
>>> now the mere presence of openldap is forcing a fatal build error
>>> [blahh blah blah]
>>> gmake[5]: Entering directory
>>> `/usr/ports/mail/thunderbird/work/mozilla/directory/c-sdk/ldap/libraries/liblber'
>>> cc -o decode.o -c   -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/nss
>>> -I/usr/local/include/nss/nss -pipe -I/usr/local/include   -g -pipe -ansi
>>> -Wall -pthread -O -g -fPIC  -DDEBUG_root  -DMOZILLA_CLIENT=1 -DDEBUG=1
>>> -I../../../ldap/include
>>> -I/usr/ports/mail/thunderbird/work/mozilla/dist/./include   decode.c
>>> In file included from decode.c:52:
>>> lber-int.h:121: error: syntax error before "LDAP_CALLBACK"
>>> lber-int.h:130: error: redefinition of typedef 'Seqorset'
>>> /usr/local/include/lber.h:164: error: previous declaration of 'Seqorset'
>>> was here
>>> lber-int.h:149: error: syntax error before "ldap_x_iovec"
>>> lber-int.h:165: error: syntax error before "BERTranslateProc"
>>> lber-int.h:187: error: syntax error before "LDAP_IOF_READ_CALLBACK"
>>> lber-int.h:198: error: syntax error before "LDAP_X_EXTIOF_READ_CALLBACK
>>> ...
>>> -I /usr/local/include is what's doing it, it continues the build when
>>> manually stripping /usr/local/include from this directory's build
>>> options but it breaks later on as well.
>>> A very few google hits on this error, none of which lead to fix or
>>> workaround.
>> You'll probably need to update some of the dependencies first but that's
>> only an uneducated guess. Those ports build fine here. Maybe ask
>> @freebsd-ports or @freebsd-gnome?
> Thank you.  I have a sinking feeling these various issues may at the end
> of the day be tied in with the modular 7.2 and X11BASE=/usr/local
> from the git server.  IIRC we're going to be merging 7.2 into the ports
> tree next week and that should encourage some more folks with a better
> understanding of gnome than I have (which is zero) to help

Just FYI, I've got X11BASE=/usr/local set in make.conf, too (but I don't
 use git xorg sources).


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