postfix question

n j nino80 at
Wed Apr 25 11:28:29 UTC 2007

> You would probably get better assistance if you asked this question on
> the Postfix forum.

True. However, I did google through a lot of Postfix resources
(documentation, forums, mailing lists...) and didn't find what I was
looking for. I posted this question here hoping that someone already
ran into this problem, solved it somehow and was perhaps willing to
help me. I mean, people reading this list are system admins with

> Your machine isn't trying to establish a connection to: username at,
> it is trying to establish a connection to IP address x.y.z.a...

That is not relevant in my case. What I want to do is define two
different smtp services in (each bound to a different IP
address with smtp_bind_address option) and have Postfix use one or the
other based on incoming interface or sender's address/domain.

> You need 2 mailservers to do what you want.

That might be true with Postfix, although two instances on the same
machine would suffice - I'm looking for a solution that doesn't
include two instances. I know it can easily be done with Exim and I'm
actually testing on my test machine Exim installation right now.

Speaking of which, is FreeBSD with Exim a good combination for a
mailserver, what are your experiences?


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