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On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 12:40:50AM -0400, Rat Paranoid wrote:
> Dear All,

Dear Mr. "Rat Paranoid",
> I badly need your help! I've used GELI encrypted partition on my
> notebook for 5 month but now I can't mount it on startup... it seems
> that I forgot the password (but how is it possible if I enter it each
> time I switch my notebook?!) or something is wrong with GELI
> anyway when I created that partition I also created "backup key" file
> as it was suggested by the manual... Now I've tried to mount the
> partition with that key but it keeps telling me that the password is
> wrong. %(
> Is it possible to recover the bloody thing with that "backup key"?!
> Your help would be much appreciated!

You can provide us your dmesg debug output by adding the following lines
to /boot/loader.conf:


	GELI(8) says:
   Debug level of the ELI GEOM class.  This can be set to a number
   between 0 and 3 inclusive.  If set to 0, minimal debug informa-
   tion is printed.  If set to 3, the maximum amount of debug infor-
   mation is printed.

For yourself you can add:


	GELI(8) says:
	If set to 1, the passphrase entered on boot (before the root file
   system is mounted) will be visible.  This possibility should be
   used with caution as the entered passphrase can be logged and
   exposed via dmesg(8).  This variable should be set in

Good luck.

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