Help : How to add new architecture support in FreeBSD?

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Fri Apr 20 21:50:27 UTC 2007

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> > I have been tasked to add support for new architecture  ( e.g.of
> > architectures are - alpha, amd64, i386, etc likewise we are going to
> > have new architecture ) in FreeBSD. Are there any known
> > documents/BKMs/collateral regarding this.
> > 
> > Any pointer/info will be helpful.
> > 
> > I believe, I am looking for collateral which explains or outlines
> > changes required in different config files/makefiles/etc.. to add
> > support for new architecture.
> In addition to what Kris said, you might want to get a copy of _The_
> Design_and_Implementation_of_FreeBSD_ and hunker down for a good
> study session.

> Thanks a lot Bill for response.
> BTW, do you know if anyone offers any class or so on FreeBSD kernel.

Please don't top-post, and please keep mailing list traffic on the
mailing list.

Dr. McKusick gives classes:

You can also get videos:

Bill Moran

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